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AMS 310 (Fall 2010) HW6 Due 11/4 Homework is due at the beginning of class on its due date. You must be in class and on time to submit your homework. No homework will be accepted via email. No late homework will be accepted. Your lowest homework grade will be dropped before computing your average. Part 1 (10 points): PRINT your name and StonyBrook ID ( Last, First, #ID ) on the top on your work sheet. Staple your hw if more than 1 pages. Part 2: Problems (120 points in total.10 points for each problem): 6.5; 6.15; 6.17; 6.20; 6.23; 6.24; 7.5; 7.6; 7.10; 7.11; 7.14; 7.24 (in 8-th edition textbook)
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Unformatted text preview: Part 3: Brain Teasers (20 bonus points. Your final score will not exceed 130 points): There are 100 wolves and 100 rabbits in the forest. If a rabbit meets the wolf, it gets eaten; if two wolves meet, they both die; if two rabbits meet, nothing happened. They all randomly walk in the forest (any two of them may meet in an enough long time). Suppose you are new to the forest and can choose to be a wolf or a rabbit. Question: What’s your choice for a higher chance to survive? Why? (You must give your reasons. Answer “wolf” or “rabbit” only will have no points.)...
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