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AMS 310 (Fall 2010) HW7 Due 11/23 Homework is due at the beginning of class on its due date. You must be in class and on time to submit your homework. No homework will be accepted via email. No late homework will be accepted. Your lowest homework grade will be dropped before computing your average. Part 1 (10 points): PRINT your name and StonyBrook ID ( Last, First, #ID ) on the top on your work sheet. Staple your hw if more than 1 pages. Part 2: Problems (100 points in total.10 points for each problem): 7.55; 7.56; 7.60; 7.61; 7.62; 7.68; 8.3; 8.4; 8.8; 8.10; 8.19; 8.20 (in 8-th edition textbook) Part 3: Brain Teasers (20 bonus points. Your final score will not exceed 110 points): There are 100 hunters living in a village. Each hunter has one dog. Now they know
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Unformatted text preview: at least one of these dogs is diseased and should be killed. However, the owner cannot see whether his own dog sick or not; the other hunters can see it but will not tell the owner. Only the owner can kill his own dog. (That means the owner of a sick dog has to deduce a conclusion based on the information. And of course, suppose all of the hunters are smart enough.) Day 1: Hunters walker around and observe every dog. Nothing happened that night; Day 2: Hunters walker around and observe every dog again. Nothing happened that night again; Day 3: Hunters walker around and observe every dog again. There are several gun shots that night. Question: How many dogs are killed? Why? (You must give your reasons. Guessing a number will have no points.)...
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