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AMS 310 Practice Final Exam Solutions, Fall 2010 Part I: True (T) or False (F). For each problem, if the statement is only partially true, then the answer should be F; For each problem, correct answer: 2 points; no answer: 1point; wrong answer: 0 point. ___F__1. In a hypothesis test, the type I error rate α and the type II error rate β always have α =1- β . No such relationship. ___F__2. If X is a random variables, and a and b are constants, Var(aX+b)=a 2 Var(X)+b 2 . Var(aX+b)=a 2 Var(X) ___F__3. Regression Analysis can detect and confirm a casual relationship between the dependent and independent variables, but we should carefully distinguish which variable is the cause. Regression analysis results cannot be used as casual study without enough background knowledge. ___T__4. If the intersection of A and B is an empty set, . ___T__5. If X follows a uniform distribution in the range [ a, b ] and a<b , for any number . ___F__6. In a two-sided hypothesis test, the test statistics must fall in the 95% Confidence Interval (CI) if we cannot reject the null hypothesis at the α =0.025 significance level. At the α =0.05 significance level. ___F__7. A study of working efficiency was conducted on two groups of randomly selected workers: one group of right-handed workers and the other of left-handed workers. The collected data would be better analyzed as matched paired data. They are independent samples.
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Practice Final solutions - AMS 310 Practice Final Exam...

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