Wireless Network Planning and Design assinment

Wireless Network Planning and Design assinment - I Prepare...

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I. Prepare for Wireless Site Survey Before we go through to the main point of how to start and implement Wireless site survey, first of all we need to prepare all the necessary equipment that we need in order to get a good performing and high quality of wireless network. When we talk about good quality of network that’s means the wireless network services is must be good enough. However in order to get the best performance out of wireless network, certainly you must ensure that your both AP are good performing and places at the most optimal locations. Therefore any other necessary radio emitters which can cause any interference in the network can be avoid and kept to minimum. To perform Wireless Site survey as network engineering we should know and need to reconsider about determine the wireless coverage on the network, network capacity, roaming capability and any Quality of Service (QoS) that need to be fully understand before implementing and conduct site survey. There are any crucial parts that need to aware about having interference on the network that may give some effect to the wireless network. Because of site survey are affects in so many areas of the organization, proper preparation need to be done before hand to avoid critical problem in the feature. Below is the existing environment review regarding on preparation site survey. 1. Review the current environment The first preparation to perform site survey actually is review the current environment at that particular area. This preparation includes the existing network, the current systems, security policies and procedures, application procedure and processes. Basically the review includes on determining and identifying any existing access point on the network environment, some channel setting based on the current network area and current network usage problem that related to the wireless network. 2. Information gathering The next preparation is gathering information that needs to be done by network engineering. The following information that need to be done and should be available
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is floor plans, square footage, blueprints, network or phone closet locations, and number of users in each area. 3. Understand the network requirements In order to fully understand wireless network requirement you need to know and become familiar with any kind of applications and type of client that basically use by the network, what the proposed of the topology design, the performance and security requirements that implemented and security protocols. 4. Gather the required equipment Before starting to do the walk-trough, you need consider that all the following equipment is available. Such as access point, antennas, digital camera, battery charges, and wireless equipment to perform and testing access point. Make sure that the wireless access point and the client devices is matched as well as installed successfully. 5.
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Wireless Network Planning and Design assinment - I Prepare...

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