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Assignment 1 - The FDA says that genetically engineered...

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The FDA says that genetically engineered foods are safe; is this fiction or fact? These have been many studies performed to test the safety of these foods and the claim is that they are safe to eat. However, because of the unpredictability of these products, no one can really tell what may or may not happen in the future. One immediate threat is that to small local farms. The production of genetically engineered foods runs the risks of closing down many smaller farms. Another safety factor is long-term impact on humans. Combining and changing the genes of what we eat may result in evolution of unwanted results. Lastly, there is an impact on the ecosystem as well. Anytime, the naturally occurring pattern of life is changed there is always a unnatural consequence that may be beneficial or may not be. So while genetically engineered foods are readily available today, there is still much debate of safety for human consumption and to our ecosystem.
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