Essay 2 - Summarizing Activity

Essay 2 - Summarizing Activity - focusing on the negative...

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Goodloe 1 Vonnie Goodloe Mary Nipp ENG101 15 August 2011 Summary of “Celebrity Culture” In the article “Celebrity Culture” by Howard Altman, the author questions whether or not we Americans are too caught up with the lives and lifestyles of celebrities. He shows that much of our news culture has become focused on celebrity news rather than news of National or International affairs. He points out that in the last 20 years or so, celebrity new coverage has doubled whereas as news coverage of National and International affairs have gone from 35% to 25%. There is also speculation of how this celebrity news infatuation may lead to celebrity stalking and unhealthy self-images for the youth of America. A disturbing example he gave was one of a young lady infatuated with Marilyn Manson, she said, “I just want him to be happy. If he is happy, I am happy. He is the only person I connect with (250).” With most of this article
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Unformatted text preview: focusing on the negative aspect of too much news coverage of celebrities, there is an excerpt from Harvard graduate and pop-culture commentator Mo Rocca. Rocca says: I am constantly amazed at how much the average student knows about what goes into making a TV show. Everyone has deconstructed the media, understands the ingredients and understands how the artifice is created. Essentially, students know it is all BS – the work of celebrity publicist and stories they are fed. The students revel in the cheesiness of it (250). Rocca believes the excess celebrity coverage has actually made America’s youth more media savvy so that they are able to determine what is real and what may be scripted. Goodloe 2 Works Cited Altman, Howard. "Celebrity Culture." CQ Researcher 18 Mar. 2005: 245-68. Web. 28 Aug. 2011....
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Essay 2 - Summarizing Activity - focusing on the negative...

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