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Annotated Bibliography Katel, Peter. "Identity Theft." CQ Researcher 10 June 2005: 517-40. Web. 20 Sept. 2011. Peter Katel is a journalist for the CQ Researcher. He is a veteran journalist and has won several awards for his work. His works are meant for the college students as he is a staff member of the CQ Researcher which is a subscriber-only site for research articles. This article is about how the government can help the American public with possible ways of cyber-crime prevention. It also tells of how cyber-crime affects the public, the economy, the consumers, and the victims of the crime. Clemmitt, Marcia. "Computer Hacking." CQ Researcher 16 Sept. 2011: 757-80. Web. 22 Sept. 2011. Marcia Clemmitt is a veteran reporter when it comes to writing about social issues. She used to be a staff writer for The Scientist and was the editor in chief for . She also used to be a high school teacher as well. She is currently a staff writer for CQ Researcher. This article gives reasons how hacking can be a “good thing.” She tells about companies who
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