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Assignment 1 2009 - ‘Europass instructions’ and you...

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ASSIGNMENT I Find a job vacancy in the newspapers or on the Internet (,, It should be a vacancy for a job you are able to do now, with your current qualifications. Write your CV . You should write it in both American and European Style (Europass CV) . The American Style is explained in the Employment Correspondence presentation. The European style is simply a form to be filled in. You can find the link on the WebCT Homepage under USEFUL LINKS. Make sure you follow the instructions provided for filling the Europass in. In case you cannot access them directly though the link on your WebCT, google
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Unformatted text preview: ‘Europass instructions’ and you will find instructions in both English and Croatian. Please, write also a cover letter (application) for the job vacancy in question. Imagine you were granted an interview for the job in question and write a follow up letter as well . The complete package should contain 5 parts: a job advertisement, an American CV, a European CV, a cover letter and a follow up letter. You should print it out and hand it to your professor by October 30 . If you hand in your assignment after that date, the total number of points earned shall be divided by half....
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