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ASSIGNMENT 2 – PERSUASIVE AND NEGATIVE MESSAGES 1. Think of a product you could sell to somebody and write a direct mail sales letter.  Make sure it: a.  contains all the elements a good direct mail sales letter should include b. is persuasive (follows the AIDA approach and makes use of Logos, Pathos,  and Ethos) c. adheres to the 6 Cs principles, d. and that it has all the elements of a proper business letter.  2. Put yourself in the shoes of the recipient of you letter. Imagine you have bought the  product after having received the direct mail sales letter, but you were not satisfied 
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Unformatted text preview: with it. It is either: a. defective, b. your credit card has been charged to an amount that exceeds the one you were supposed to pay, c. you still have not received the product, d. or another problem has occurred. Write a claim letter about this to the company that sold you the product. 3. Go back to your role of a representative of the company that sent the original direct mail sales letter and write a letter of adjustment to the complaining customer. You may choose to either: a. grant the claim, b. refuse the claim, c. or propose a compromise....
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