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Assignment III – PR Letter Choose one of the following situations and write a public relations letter as a response. 1. iPHONE Starting January, 2008, T-Mobile will be the exclusive provider of iPHONEs for the Croatian market. Their PR Department has decided to send a PR letter to each registered subscriber of T-Mobile to announce this launch, establishing the image of T-Mobile as an innovative, modern, and exclusive telecommunications company. 2. Honey recall Medara Senj has detected a malfunction with their capping machinery which has caused the machine to drip minute droplets of industrial oil into the jars of honey that were being capped. The company has decided to issue a full
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Unformatted text preview: recall of the jars produced between November 18, 2007 (the date when the malfunction is believed to have started) and November 30, 2007 (when the malfunction was detected and fixed). Write the recall letter to be published in the major daily papers. 3. The battle of fast-food chains The Burger King chain of fast food restaurants is just about to enter the Croatian market. They are interested in acquiring new clients that have so far been regular customers of McDonald’s. Write a letter the McDonald’s PR Department should write to react to their entrance. The letter will be published in prominent daily and weekly papers and magazines in Croatia....
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