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Question 22323 (1) - Question 1(1 point The main purpose of...

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Question 1 (1 point) The main purpose of an argumentative RP is to: a. compare b. persuade c. change the attitude of readers d. inform Score:1 / 1 Question 2 (1 point) Analytical research papers start with a research question. a. True b. False Score:1 / 1 Question 3 (1 point) Choose the best thesis for a research paper on the topic of unemployment in Croatia: a. Unemployment in Croatia must be eliminated! b. Unemployment in Croatia has many social and economic causes, but it can be successfully lowered by offering incentives and loans to entrepreneurs and owners of small businesses. c. Unemployment is the most important issue the Croatian government is faced with today. d. If the labor force was more flexible, there would be less unemployment in Croatia. Score:1 / 1 Question 4 (1 point) What requirements must a thesis meet to be successful? a. It has to be short. b. It has to start with the phrase "I claim that. .." c. It has to be manageable. d. It has to be clear and unambiguous. Score:0 / 1 Question 5 (1 point) Choose the best thesis for a research paper on the topic of depression: a. Depression mostly afflicts older people after retirement. b. Depression is a big problem all over the world. c. There are many causes of depression. d. Depression has both psychological and social causes which frequently work together. Score:0 / 1 Question 6 (1 point) What does it mean that a thesis is specific? a. That it is unambiguous. b. That it is short. c. That it has to be wider than the topic. d. That it is precise. Score:0 / 1 Question 7 (1 point) Which of the following are advantages of Internet research? a. Trustworthy sources b. Most companies, organizations, and/or institutions in the world have their web pages on the Internet c. Cannot be used from home d. Available 24/7 Score:1 / 1
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Question 8 (1 point) The interview is the best method to find out: a. the public opinion on an issue b. an expert's opinion on an issue c. opinions of those most affected by an issue d. how people react in a certain situation Score:0 / 1 Question 9 (1 point) Which of the following are primary sources? a. proceedings of a conference on The Risks of Passive Smoking b. a book entitled The Risks of Passive Smoking, published by Oxford University Press c. an article entitled “A Ban on Smoking in Restaurants Would Protect Everyone,” published in Pittsburgh Post-Gazette d. results of a survey conducted by the National Research Council, entitled Environmental Tobacco Smoke: Measuring Exposures and Assessing Health Effects Score:0 / 1 Question 10 (1 point) To determine the validity of a source we must read its title, abstract and table of contents a. True b. False Score:0 / 1 Question 11 (1 point) Which of the following are secondary sources? a. unpublished results of the Media Exposure Survey conducted by the University of New
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Question 22323 (1) - Question 1(1 point The main purpose of...

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