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IN Cosmetics

IN Cosmetics - order Nivea sun lotion you will get Nivea...

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IN Cosmetics, 125 Dubrava Avenue, Zagreb 10 000, Croatia May 25, 2011 Dear Summer is coming! Are you prepared for the sun's rays? Have you chosen your SPF? Do you think of your health? IN Cosmetics thinks of you and offers you a perfect protection for your skin. This summer we have special offer for you. Protection or tan? Now have both. The innovative formula provides reliable sun protection and supports natural tanning. Sunscreen lotion is a formulated with unique chemical components to absorb UV light. When sunscreen is applied to the skin, the chemical molecules form an invisible, protective layer on the skin that protects from penetrating UV rays. Get the best of sun without sunburns. For only 20$ you can get two Nivea products. If you
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Unformatted text preview: order Nivea sun lotion you will get Nivea moisturising after sun lotion. After sun lotion has quickly absorbing light formula with Aloe Vera soothes, refreshes and helps to restore your skins moisture – for a long-lasting, beautiful tan. If you'll be very fast you'll get some extra benefits. That means that you will get Regenerating after sun balm. The cooling formula soothes the skin and provides immediate sensation of comfort and relief. You have possibility to pay the way you think that is the most appropriate for you. Credit cards that we take are Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, and American express. Yours truly, IN Cosmetics...
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