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Badminton Rules - Badminton Rules 1 Fifteen points...

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Unformatted text preview: Badminton Rules 1. Fifteen points constitute the usual game, except for women’s singles (in which 11 points are played). When the score is tied at 13-all, the side reaching it first chooses to finish the game at 15 or to set the game at 5-points. When tied at 14-all, he/she chooses to play 1 or 3 points. Similarly, in 11- point games, the score may be set at 3 when the score is 9-all and at 2 when 10-all. 2. The service must be delivered to the diagonal service court. A bird that lands on a line is considered good. In singles, the bird must land in the long, narrow court and in doubles in the short, wide court. A let serve is one in which the bird touches the top of the net but lands in the proper court. A service that is let is served again. It is a fault unless it lands in the service court. 3. Only one service (trial) is allowed per inning (not like tennis, where 2 trials are allowed), unless the bird is missed entirely or it is a “good” let. The service alternates to courts starting in the right-hand bird is missed entirely or it is a “good” let....
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