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PLTL registration_Fall2011

PLTL registration_Fall2011 - Step by Step Instructions...

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Unformatted text preview: Step by Step Instructions on How to Register for PLTL Login into Orion using your Net ID and password Click on Self Service Click on Enrollment: Add Classes Under the Enroll tab—Step 1—Click Search The program will fill out for you the following data: • Institution: University of Texas at Dallas • 2011 Spring You must enter the Class Search Criteria: • Course Subject: PLTL  ­ Peer ­Led Team Learning • Leave the check mark for the box: Show Open Classes Only Click Search Click OK for the prompt: Would you like to continue? You get a list of All the PLTL courses offered. Look for the PLTL course that you want to take. Once you find it, click on View All Sections, to see all the sections available. On the left, you can see an example for CHEM 1311 PLTL. Once you find the right time and day, press Select Class. Review if you have the right class, time, and day of the week. Click Next if you want to proceed, or Cancel if you want to select a different class. So far the class has been added to your Shopping Cart. You are not enrolled yet. Click the Enroll Tab Once more you can review information about day, time, and room where the class is offered before you proceed with enrollment. Click on Proceed to Step 2 of 3 To finish enrolling, you must click FINISH ENROLLING Step 3, the last one, is the status report of your enrollment. A green check mark means that you have successfully enrolled in the class. A red X means you are not enrolled. You should try again or contact the GEMS Center for help. Click on My Class Schedule. If you successfully enrolled in PLTL you should see your PLTL class in your schedule. Print your schedule. Your PLTL Leader will ask for at your first session. ...
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