[THURSDAY!] Humanities Midterm

[THURSDAY!] Humanities Midterm - •-Don...

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Humanities Midterm - History of Satire (just a few questions) o What is Satire? o Character exceptionalized Sir Gawain (so knightly, adheres to the code too much) Don Quixote King Arthur (each knight is exaggerated) Doctor Faustus (lusts after knowledge more than anyone else, it’s a fault) - Sir Gawain an the Green Knight (mostly) o Characters o Plot o Number Symbolism Three Why it is important Examples (How it is used) Nature of the Bargains Decapitation o Physical prowess o Adherence to the code Temptation (common in Arthurian legend) (ultimate test) o Level of morality o Spiritual test Exchange of winnings o Ethical test
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Unformatted text preview: •-Don Quixote (mostly)-Monty Python and the Holy Grail-Doctor Faustus (mostly) Tie more than one thing together Similar subject (comparison) Bertilak – the Green Knight King Arthur – sort of childish, annoying, snobby, uppity Don Quixote- how he is depicted, how Cervantes feels about him, how that affects Don Quixote Irony in the story what is being satirized Doctor Faustus Quiz questions Importance in beginning - why he won’t give a wife, can’t manipulate free will Lusts after gold What kind of knowledge he wants Wanted to change the world One question on Swift...
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[THURSDAY!] Humanities Midterm - •-Don...

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