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fall point one - the other, outstretched, waiting this...

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'Tis the second week of the handful meals that had shrunked my soul and my stomach Deprivation I have taught myself to eat it slowly carefully There's a way to feel nothing There's a reason to live in paradise It's easy to cut a body from this world to become nothing and let my head heat up and float above above full of lofty, fiery thoughts That have the capacity to float me to some other realm I ask the gatemaster "May I stay here?" His thicky white moustache contorts in amused confusion "No one has stayed for more than a few moments in time. But for you, and only you, my dear, I'll make an exception." I smile vibrantly, unlike any of the previous smiles I've had given And place my small brown hand in his wrinkly white one And I'm the queen Wearing heels so high Right before me, I'm in paradise Lovely I'm in some city bustling, beautiful, full of lights and it's pitch dark, I can hear the sounds of night And right in front of me Is he He is wearing this gorgeous, vibrant smile and dressed like a model
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His camera in one hand
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Unformatted text preview: the other, outstretched, waiting this portal of fantasy I turn my head back, briefly The old gatekeepy smiles encouragingly "Escape this, dearest. Go forth. Don't worry, you'll be safe forever." And I don't even remember who I was-I'm a queen with a dress so exquisite the people of this city stare openly and he feels like a king next to me but secretly, he feels like a very lucky servant boy obedient to his mistress and that, he will be tonight Periodically, he stops me by the side of the busy roads, "Right here! Oh, what a gorgeous shot!" And I don't even bother to look, I'm beautiful in every single picture. To some phenomenal restaurant, to some beautiful home furnished in the work of my dreams A spacious bed, wrapped in untelling warmth He envelopes me Never lets me go In his protective arms, I drift from a once virgin's bliss And in these nights, I can't stop smiling The portal has closed permanently and I am here, forever and ever Amen....
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fall point one - the other, outstretched, waiting this...

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