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To My Lovely LEAP Class

To My Lovely LEAP Class - was NOT made for me 2 I am not...

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To My Lovely LEAP Class, It’s been amazing. I’ve grown up with you, transformed from this weird, unassuming third grader to someone who can stand before you and be proud to be part of such an amazing group of students. We have been through so much together, become friends, and learned to become part of this beautiful family. Thank you to Ms. Cooke, Ms. Jossart, and all my LEAP teachers to have brought me here so far. We’ve had a great time thanks to you, and I’ve learned some things. 1. I cannot talk in a Jamaican accent. The role of Tituba in The Crucible
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Unformatted text preview: was NOT made for me. 2. I am not THAT great of a writer – after all, I STILL forget to underline a title…. (I had to go back and underline The Crucible ) 3. We’re lazy. I’m lazy. We procrastinate way too much. We brag about it way too much. I seriously just wrote this the morning it was due. I’m surprised I didn’t write this ten minutes before it was due… Thanks for the great memories everyone! We’ll meet each other soon. So it goes!...
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