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Mark Scheme Subject: Foundation Chemistry Code: 2811 Session: January Year: 2004 Mark Scheme FINAL VERSION MAXIMUM MARK 60
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Mark Scheme Page 2 of 7 Unit Code 2811 Session January Year 2004 FINAL Mark Scheme 28/02/2004 ADVICE TO EXAMINERS ON THE ANNOTATION OF SCRIPTS 1. Please ensure that you use the final version of the Mark Scheme. You are advised to destroy all draft versions. 2. Please mark all post-standardisation scripts in red ink. A tick ( 9 ) should be used for each answer judged worthy of a mark. Ticks should be placed as close as possible to the point in the answer where the mark has been awarded. The number of ticks should be the same as the number of marks awarded. If two (or more) responses are required for one mark, use only one tick. Half marks (½) should never be used. 3. The following annotations may be used when marking. No comments should be written on scripts unless they relate directly to the mark scheme. Remember that scripts may be returned to Centres. x = incorrect response (errors may also be underlined) ^ = omission mark bod = benefit of the doubt (where professional judgement has been used) ecf = error carried forward (in consequential marking) con = contradiction (in cases where candidates contradict themselves in the same response) sf = error in the number of significant figures 4. The marks awarded for each part question should be indicated in the margin provided on the right hand side of the page. The mark total for each question should be ringed at the end of the question, on the right hand side. These totals should be added up to give the final total on the front of the paper. 5. In cases where candidates are required to give a specific number of answers, (e.g. ‘give three reasons’), mark the first answer(s) given up to the total number required. Strike through the remainder. In specific cases where this rule cannot be applied, the exact procedure to be used is given in the mark scheme. 6. Correct answers to calculations should gain full credit even if no working is shown, unless otherwise indicated in the mark scheme. (An instruction on the paper to ‘Show your working’ is to help candidates, who may then gain partial credit even if their final answer is not correct.) 7. Strike through all blank spaces and/or pages in order to give a clear indication that the whole of the script has been considered. 8.
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2811_Jan_04MS - Subject: Foundation Chemistry Code: 2811...

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