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Home News Exams & Review 1. Protein calculation: When filling in the RDAs on your Comparison Form fill in your RDA for protein which you calculated for yourself on the Calculation page (your body weight kg x 0.8 g protein / kg x day). 2. % Fat: Note that on your Comparison Form the RDA for fat is a percentage and not a gram value. This percentage is what you calculated on your Calculation page, found at the bottom. This percentage is your average fat intake over the three days. Insert this number on the Comparison Form. 3. % kcal saturated fat: From the calculation page take gram saturated fat x 9 kcal/g to get kcal from saturated fat. Then, divide this number by total kcal (from step #4), convert to % and transfer to comparison form. 4. RDAS: Make sure you use the correct RDA for your age and gender. This table is
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