NUT10 Syllabus SSII 2010

NUT10 Syllabus SSII 2010 - NUT10 SS2 - 01 NUTRITION 10...

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NUT10 SS2 - 01 NUTRITION 10 DISCOVERIES AND CONCEPTS IN NUTRITION (3 units) – Summer 2010 INSTRUCTOR : Dr. Liz Applegate 3215 Meyer Hall, 752-6682 Office Hours: Mon 12-1:30 P.M.; e-mail: [email protected] Wed 12-1:30 P.M. TA’s : see page 4 Course Goals : To present the concepts and rationale of nutrition in the context of personal, cultural and world aspects of human nutrition. Because the course has no prerequisites, the scientific rationale is developed with a minimum of assumptions and scientific terminology. Required : Course Book/Workbook : Nutrition Basics for Better Health and Performance (Applegate, L., Ed. 2, 2006 Kendall-Hunt) Available at UC Davis Bookstore. Contains lectures, power point diagrams, charts, etc., practice exam questions, Diet Project assignment (Food Composition Tables included), and optional extra credit chapter quizzes. (Note: Used books will not have necessary forms, quizzes.) E-mail and Course Web Page : Exam information and other course related materials will be sent by e-mail. You will automatically be put on the NUT 10 mail list if you have a UC Davis e-mail address and are registered in the class. The course web page contains handouts, announcements, old exams, review session notes and other links to more nutrition information. If you do not have or utilize an UC Davis e- mail account, check the web page for class e-mail (under announcements/what’s new). Podcast : All lectures & reviews will be recorded and available as downloadable MP3 files-see . Course Format : 3 hour lecture. Students keep a personal diet diary and make calculations of nutrient intake – Diet Project (see course book). One midterm examination and one final examination. Grade based on 15% Diet Project; 37% for midterm; 48% for final examination. Letter grades and P/NP: bonus points and extra credit will also be available. Topical Outline
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NUT10 Syllabus SSII 2010 - NUT10 SS2 - 01 NUTRITION 10...

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