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NUT10ss2MTSApg1KEY - Test Form A 9 Name 43 44(émn Give a...

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Unformatted text preview: Test Form A 9 Name: 43. 44. @(émn Give a good food source for the £4131!ng cholesterol #3:} Wad/Y1 W 55”) rim/€2,011}; M simple carbohydratefivit. 4514—43 CL’L'IS‘ W5 trans fat manaM'M chDCO lanyéhlrzjmdhv%%l I glycogen N0 @012 SOUEaC lactose $a'r‘7 m’il‘flwM W linoleic acid (18:2)fl62 W ’WWJSIAW mic , o-HUA, water soluble fiber W ”056 0035, age/”Um _ omega-3 fats (18. 3) + 0 ML ~ ”mph" carbOhydrateMMMMé Wannated fats may): a complete protein 60»; , gflfi flféb .030! 4“; monounsaturated fatsW ,aVDCO-fil); fl” _ protein with a high chemical score $31 , gaggw WMM/é HDL (high density lipoprotein) Now Sa a protein with a low PER (Protein Efficiency Ratio) M , 0135. SM, m A fi’iend of yours is constipated and asks you about fiber’s role in relieving constipation. Which fiber type aids 1n relieving constipation? WM Givea g9_od food source. 4:”)5: ”flaw“ Liam MI I Draw a pm e of how this fiber type acts in the intestine (using arrows) as well as using words to describethiséfiber’ 5 action in the intestines. (picture here) / waft/L 'IHSOI 1,6 LIA—x ALI/1W 607153)“ B [43 443.19% (Wéngn « mm m ’I‘Iw mtg/01.5% Mfi/éfl TM? majm gib/ggpki 39¢ Siva/<1. What is an additional health benefit of this fiber type? ii {”1511 Of MWWQQW Oolon wild/k hemoYroml/J J/Wiatfi ...
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