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Study guide 4 &6 - Study Guide Chapter 4 and 6 Psy 100...

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Study Guide Chapter 4 and 6 Psy 100 Fall 2010 1. Identify the metaphors used by psychologists to describe memory. 2. Name the basics tasks of memory. 3. Describe in detail the structure and function of sensory memory. 4. Describe in detail the structure and function of working memory. 5. Identify the two divisions of long-term memory and describe the types of memories stored by them. 6. Discuss how the memory stages work together to create our memories. 7. Diagram the biological structures involved in memory. 8. Differentiate between implicit and explicit memory. 9. Describe the processes of priming, recall, and recognition and their function in memory retrieval. 10. Differentiate between the types of forgetting. 11. Identify the “seven sins” of memory and explain how each creates problems. 12. Evaluate the controversy over repressed memories and the formation of false memories. 13. Describe some of the methods for improving retention of learned material.
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