Lecture 1A - SEGMENT 1 LECTURE A Monday, October 17 to...

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Unformatted text preview: SEGMENT 1 LECTURE A Monday, October 17 to Tuesday, October 25 (9 Days) Course Introduction. Images of Workers Lecture A Reading : Ten Things Every Student Needs to Know About Taking an LER Global Labor Studies Online Class What is a threaded discussion? Grading Forum Posts for Content Pollingreport.com polls on labor and work Electronic reserve: Michael Zweig, The Challenge of Working Class Studies pages 4- 10 in Whats Class Got To Do With It ? The Last Labor Day?, by E.J. Dionne, September 4, 2011 Washington Post On Violence and Class Warfare, by Kathy Newman, Working Class Perspectives blog Lecture A Videos : Bill Moyers: The first part of L.A. Labor on the topic Is Barack Obama fostering class warfare? Excerpt from Class Dismissed: How Television Frames the Working Class Assignments : Take the Syllabus Sign Off test by Sunday, October 23 to demonstrate you have read the syllabus, and earn up to four extra credit points. Early in the segment take the Practice Test, How Much Do You Know About Labor? Then return to the exam, read the correct answers and comments, and post to Forum 1C. Take Exam 1 by 11:30 p.m. on Tuesday, October 25. Discussion Forums : 1A: Introductions and Images of Workers Segment 1 has two lectures. Lecture 1A introduces Forum 1A, and Lecture B introduces Forums 1B and 1C. INTRODUCTION Welcome to Labor and Employment Relations LER 100! This introductory Global Labor Studies course is designed to give you an overview of labor terms, labor history, the economy, organized labors structure, a look at gender and race issues, a case study about a union on strike, and a myriad of other lessons that make up Labor Studies. Labor Studies is a multifaceted discipline that encompasses history, political science, economics, industrial relations, business, communications, sociology, African-American studies, international studies, womens studies, and law. We offer a unique perspective that you may not get anywhere else in your studies. 1 Im very much looking forward to getting to know you all and hearing your viewpoints as we engage the course material. If you have not done so already, please go to the syllabus on the Compass homepage and download and print it out. Inevitably throughout the course I get questions from students that can easily be answered if everyone reads the syllabus at the beginning of the course, such as when are the exams? or what is the timetable used in grading forums? The Syllabus explains the course goals, assigned reading, schedule, exams, grading, and how this online course is structured....
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Lecture 1A - SEGMENT 1 LECTURE A Monday, October 17 to...

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