Lecture 1B - SEGMENT 1 LECTURE B Monday, October 17 to...

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SEGMENT 1 LECTURE B Monday, October 17 to Tuesday, October 25 (9 Days) What Are Unions? Images of Unions Lecture B Reading : Electronic Reserve: The Union Members Complete Guide by Michael Mauer - Chapter 1 “What are Unions?” - Chapter 2 “How Your Union Operates” Electronic Reserve: Why Unions Matter by Michael Yates - Chapter 1 “Why Unions” - Chapter 2 “How Unions Form” Electronic Reserve: Chapter 1, “You Have The Right To Remain Silent: Freedom Of Speech In The Workplace,” in Can They Do That? Retaking Our Fundamental Rights in the Workplace by Lewis Maltby (2010) 2010 Union Membership Data, Bureau of Labor Statistics “What the Public Really Wants On Unions,” an August 30, 2007 study of polls on labor and workers “Sixty Percent of Americans Approve of Labor Unions,” August 31, 2007 The Gallup News Service “U.S. Approval of Labor Unions Remains Near Record Low,” August 12, 2010 The Gallup News Service Text: Glossary in Staley: The Fight for a New American Labor Movement Assignments : Take the Syllabus Sign Off test by Sunday, October 23 to demonstrate you have read the syllabus, and earn up to four extra credit points. Early in the segment take the Practice Test, “How Much Do You Know About Labor?” Then return to the exam, read the correct answers and comments, and post to Forum 1C. Take Exam 1 by 11:30 p.m. on Tuesday, October 25. Discussion Forums : 1B: Images of Unions 1C: Things You Didn’t Know INTRODUCTION This is your second lecture in Segment 1, and introduces Forums 1B and 1C. To begin your study of labor unions, read the first two chapters in Michael Yates’ book Why Unions Matter . Also please read the first two chapters of Michael Mauer’s The Union Members Complete Guide . Together these readings will give you a basic understanding of the purpose and activities of unions. In order to understand your reading assignments for the course, you need to know the terminology regarding unions, so I’ve assigned you to look at the glossary in your text Staley . A number of Exam 1 questions are taken from the glossary, so read it carefully. 1
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In Forum 1B we discussed popular images of workers. Now, let’s talk about popular images of labor unions, and how the mainstream news media covers unions. Discussion Forum 1B: Images of Unions When you hear the term “labor union,” what images come to mind? Explain one positive and one negative image that you think of when you hear the words “labor union.” What do you think is the popular image of unions? How do you think the mainstream news media report on unions? Also comment on the polling data on workers and unions in your assigned reading. Undoubtedly most of you have heard negative or hostile things about unions from the
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Lecture 1B - SEGMENT 1 LECTURE B Monday, October 17 to...

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