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Court is Urged to take Race into Account

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1 of 1 DOCUMENT The New York Times May 25, 1996, Saturday, Late Edition - Final Court Is Urged to Consider Race in College Admissions BYLINE: By LINDA GREENHOUSE SECTION: Section 1; Page 9; Column 5; National Desk LENGTH: 948 words DATELINE: WASHINGTON, May 24 Asserting that racial diversity in higher education is an important goal and that some form of affirmative action is necessary to accomplish it, the Clinton Administration asked the Supreme Court today to overturn a Federal appeals court's ruling that barred any consideration of race in admissions to the University of Texas Law School. "The practical effect of the court of appeals's holding will be to return the most prestigious institutions within state university systems to their former 'white' status," Solicitor General Drew S. Days 3d told the Court in a brief submitted in support of an appeal filed by the State of Texas. The appellate court's decision has already caused "substantial confusion and upheaval among colleges and universities nationwide," the Administration's brief said, adding that if it is not overturned by the Supreme Court, the ruling "will effectively eliminate all affirmative action admissions programs in higher education" in Mississippi and Louisiana, as well as Texas. Those are the three states within the jurisdiction of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, which issued its decision on March 18.
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