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The Divest for Darfur “Don’t Invest in Genocide” Guide Are You Invested in Genocide? Millions of investors are unaware that their savings are invested in companies that help fund genocide in Darfur. Since 2003, Darfur in western Sudan has been embroiled in a deadly conflict. As many as 400,000 innocent civilians have been killed; 2.5 million people have been forced to flee their homes and now live in internally displaced persons or refugee camps; and more than 3.5 million men, women and children are now struggling to survive. Divestment creates economic pressure to help hasten the end of the genocide in Darfur. What is Divestment? Divestment is the sale of stock in companies most culpable of funding the genocide in Darfur. Divestment also includes a commitment not to buy stock in these companies until the genocide ends. There are about 25 such companies. Almost all of these companies work in Sudan’s oil sector. Without the revenue from the companies operating in the oil sector, Sudan would not have the resources it uses to carry out the genocide. Save Darfur Coalition uses the targeted divestment model, developed by our partner, the Sudan Divestment Task Force. Targeted divestment does not focus on companies in Sudan if they are primarily in the medical, agricultural, or humanitarian fields. Targeted divestment also calls for engagement with companies first, and divestment only if they do not respond to engagement. In this document, when we refer to divestment, we mean targeted divestment. Individuals can divest, and it is important to make sure your investments match your values. The biggest impact is when many smaller investors as well as big investors – such as university endowments, state pension funds, and investment firms – also divest. You can join the divestment movement even if you don’t have your own savings. This document includes: Resource to help you divest as an individual Information on how to join a campaign to get a company, state, or other institution to divest Details on target companies and more background on divestment how to learn more Learn. Act. SaveDarfur.org
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How to Personally Divest The money invested by you and your neighbors to fund retirement, a college education, home ownership, financial security and peace of mind should not be used to fund an ongoing genocide. Here are our recommended steps if you decide to divest your personal assets. Please note that the Save Darfur Coalition does not give investment advice. Also, the screening tool mentioned in step 1 and 3 is for educational purposes. Please check with your mutual fund representative and advisor for latest status of funds before taking action. 1.
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Darfur Investments - The Divest for Darfur Dont Invest in...

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