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Phosphate Essay - Group Team Car Ramrod Bombers Phosphate...

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Group Team Car Ramrod Bombers Phosphate In The Environment Group Members: Jonathan Brate, Anna Cumtell, Carter Stitt, Ed Lynch Inorganic phosphates are present in all living organisms, and therefore they have a big significance on life. A lot of the food we eat contains phosphate in varying amounts. We are also using phosphate when we do the laundry, for an example. Phosphate is transferred into our bodies every day. Although we need phosphate for our bodies’ health, too much phosphate can cause health problems such as damage to our kidneys, and osteoporosis. The phosphate compounds play an important role in instances concerning our genetic material, cellular membranes, and the energy system. Unlike other cycles of matter compounds, phosphate is not found in the air as a gas because at normal temperatures phosphate is found as solid substances. Though we use a lot of phosphate in daily life, often without realizing it, a big amount of what we waste goes out into nature and can cause destruction to ecosystems. Although phosphate
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