The Great Depression - Jonathan Brate American History 1920...

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Jonathan Brate American History 1920 - Present The Great Depression August 10, 2011 The economy was not stable. The United States economy had countless weaknesses and imbalances that were ignored through the years and obscured through speculative euphoria that had occurred in the 1920’s. When the Great Depression occurred, it helped the United States to realize what parts of its economy it had been ignoring. However, the United States were not the only ones who were affected by the Great Depression. It was a depression that hit North America as well as Europe and other areas of the world that were industrialized. The Great Depression is considered the most severe depression that was experienced by the Western world beginning in 1929 and lasting for about ten years after. When the Great Depression began in 1929, it is considered to have started with the stock market crash of 1929 which led to an increase of unemployment, bank failures, and a higher tax for imports while the year after the stock market crashed, the Mississippi Valley became home to the Dust Bowl giving further cause for the Great Depression to continue until 1939 where it ended with the beginning of World War II. With the ending of World War I, a new era began filled with confidence and enthusiasm. During this time an unusual amount of people invested their savings in the stock market. In the 1920s, the stock market did not seem to be so much the risky investment it can be today. The war had ended and many believed that investing was their best chance at furthering their fortune. However, when more people continued to invest in the stock market, the stock prices began their climb in about 1925. For a few years, they wavered back and forth, but still they had that upward trend which caused more to invest in the stock market. “Stocks were what everyone was talking
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The Great Depression - Jonathan Brate American History 1920...

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