Experiment 18 - Experiment 18: Spectrophotometric...

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Experiment 18: Spectrophotometric Determination of an Equilibrium Constant Jonathan Brate April 29, 2009 Wednesday Group TA: Yosief
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Introduction: The purpose of Experiment 18 was to determine the measurements of a series of solutions for a common indicator using different pH values. This allowed for the pK ln and K ln for the indicator to be found. Everyone needed to determine buffer solutions at different pH levels and obtain their absorbance using a spectrometer. It was important to understand that adding 1M HCl lowered the pH and adding 1M NaOH raised the pH of the solution. Determining the equilibrium constant is something that is performed for this experiment that is also covered in Chemistry 103 lecture, along with determining the pH of a solution and knowing how to determine the [H 3 O + ] by using pH = -log[concentration] (Equation 18-5). Laboratory techniques used in this experiment include being able to know how to use a pipet to help determine the solution to the nearest .1 mL, using an electrode, which helps to measure out the pH level of the
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Experiment 18 - Experiment 18: Spectrophotometric...

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