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Experiment 4 - Experiment 4 The N-Bottle Problem Jonathan M...

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Experiment 4: The N-Bottle Problem Jonathan M. Brate November 3 rd , 2008 Monday 2:00-5:00 Andrea Kravats Introduction: The purpose of Experiment 4 is to use what you’ve learned about acid-base precipitation reactions that occur in aqueous solutions in lecture to identify the ionic substances present in the set of solutions found during the experiment. A set of solubility rules is also given to aid in the finding of these solutions. Also, reactions will be physically tested by mixing different precipitates, using litmus paper, burning the precipitates, and logging whether or not there was a reaction.
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Procedure: The procedure followed was that given in the lab manual: Sprague, Alexander, Padolik & Steffel, Laboratory Experiments for First Year Chemistry, 3rd ed. pp. 4-1 to 4-4. Data and Results: A summary of the results of this experiment can be found on the attached report sheets and error discussion questions. Discussion: Error Discussion:
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