Experiment 14 - Experiment 14: Vapor Pressure and Heat of...

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Experiment 14: Vapor Pressure and Heat of Vaporization Jonathan Brate February 2, 2009 Monday 2:00-5:00 Group Number 1 Carolina Garcia Introduction: The objective of Experiment 14 was to record data on MeasureNet and create plots based on the data. This was done by recording pressure vs. temperature data of air using the MeasureNet System, then using the plot’s regression line to calculate the necessary data needed to obtain the vapor pressure. Another objective was to calculate the molar heat of vaporization, which is the heat needed to overcome intermolecular attractions in the liquid. This was done by using the slope of the vapor pressure plot, and setting it equal to the negative of the heat of vaporization over R, the gas constant. The molar heat of vaporization was a topic in the experiment that is currently being studied in Chapter 12 during the Chemistry 102 lecture. In lecture, we are learning how to calculate the molar heat of vaporization for various substances using the same data that we collected through the experimental procedure. Another topic used in the experiment was the idea of the vapor pressure of a liquid. This occurs when the substance condenses and vaporizes at equal rates and eventually reaches equilibrium. This idea is also discussed in Chapter 12 of Chemistry 102 lecture. One laboratory technique practiced in Experiment 14 was the use of MeasureNet to record our data and store it on the MeasureNet data storage system. We were then able to obtain that data via the internet and use excel to manipulate it into graphs and tables that were
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conducive to helping us calculate the data we wanted to obtain. Another laboratory technique used was the setting up of the apparatus that was illustrated in Experiment 12. That apparatus was used control the temperature of the flask so we could use MeasureNet to record its pressure and temperature data. This data was then used to obtain the information we were looking for. Experimental Procedure:
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Experiment 14 - Experiment 14: Vapor Pressure and Heat of...

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