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other_eco_course - 15.025 Game Theory for Managers(Spring...

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Subjects in Economics 15.012 Applied Macro- and International Economics (Spring 05) Foote(H2), Rigobon (Full Semester version; 15.014) 15.013 Industrial Economics for Strategic Decisions (Fall 05) Pindyck 15.014 Applied Macro- and International Economics (Spring 05) Rigobon (Full Semester version) 15.034 Applied Econometrics and Forecasting for Management (Fall 05)
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Unformatted text preview: ? 15.025 Game Theory for Managers (Spring 05 H1) McAdams 15.141 Economics of the Health Care Industries (Spring 05) Berndt 15.903 Corporate Strategy and Extended Enterprise (Spring 05) Gibbons 15.912 Technology Strategy (Spring 05) Henderson...
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