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chapter 2 quest 6 intro to hospitality

chapter 2 quest 6 intro to hospitality - the world 9 Cruise...

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Chapter 2 Quest. #6 Discuss the positive and negative impacts that tourism can have on a country in relation to tourism pollution and ecotourism? The positives are: 1. The desire to experience new cultures and meeting new people 2. Further international understanding 3. Economically improve poorer countries 4. Learning your heritage 5. Build environmental and cultural awareness and respect 6. Provide positive experiences for both visitors and hosts 7. More bilateral treaties are bring signed 8. Technology will continue to advance to make more information available quickly around
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Unformatted text preview: the world. 9. Cruise industry will continue to expand The negatives are: 1. Mass tourism, disrupts people’s town’s 2. Not having sustainable tourism 3. Lack of water can have a effect 4. Electricity being used and environmental issues 5. Tourism dollars can be sucked up by non-local businesses that don't put the money back into the community. 6. Population increase that can change the local culture. Found on pages 74 and 79...
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