Chapter 5 RQ 5 intro to hospitality

Chapter 5 RQ 5 intro to hospitality - underpour which is to...

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Jessica Russotto Intro to Hospitality Chapter 5 RQ 5 Explain the problems a hotel faces in making the following departments profitable: restaurants, bars and room service. Room Service: Delivering orders on time, making room service a profitable food and beverage department. Avoiding complaints of excessive charges for room service orders. Well trained and competent employees, forecasting demands of room service. Found on page 192 Bars: Pilferage where employees teal or tamper with liquor. Over charging guests for drinks,
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Unformatted text preview: underpour which is to give the guest less liquor then what they paid for. Overpouring so that the employee receive a bigger tip. Found on page 179 Restaurants: If guests dine in to an extent that was over the number that was forecasted it could result in too many guests, poor service, and delays. If too few guests come for dining the employees will be underutilized and will result in increase labor cost or employees will be sent home early. Found on page 176...
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