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Jessica Russotto Why is service so critical in the hospitality and tourism industry?? It can be the make or break for the guest’s experience. You want the guest to come back, feel like home and be comfortable at where they are staying. Keeping the customer happy during their stay will make them want to come back. Also telling their friends about their experience will make their friends want to enjoy the same experience, also they will want to come back with their friends and family making them lifelong guests. It cost more money in finding new guests so you want you’re current guests to come back and be lifelong consumers. You don’t want the guest to have a bad experience because they will go somewhere else as well as tell their friends and family about their poor service. You want the guest to feel like they are getting the best service provided to them. Service is the most important thing in the hospitality and tourism business because keeping your guests coming back over and over again keeps
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