Chapter 3 TCD travel and tourism

Chapter 3 TCD travel and tourism - the car so I don’t...

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Chapter 3 TCD Jessica Russotto Due 2/17 1. 5 Aids – Map Keys, Map Scales, Symbols, Graphic Scale, Verbal Method, Fractional Method and Globes. 2. 10 Key Terms in sentences with travel We were told to never do CAR LEASING at an airport when going on a vacation. EXPRESS SERVICE really comes in handy when you are running out of time at the end of your vacation. The car rental company was trying to get us to get the CDW but, were already covered for that under our own insurance. The sales guy tried to convince us to get a PEP but were not going to keep any personal items in
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Unformatted text preview: the car so I don’t think it’s needed. I also don’t think we need a PAI were all in good health and don’t think will be in the vehicle that much for someone to pass away in it. I can’t believe all the waivers they have we definitely don’t need a LDW we already have that coverage in our own insurance as well. We need to make sure we put gas in the car before returning because I don’t want them to bill us an outrageous REFUELING SERVICE CHARGE. MONTHLY and WEEKLY charges are a lot cheaper then DAILY charges for renting a vehicle....
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