Travel and Tourism Chapter 4 Key Terms

Travel and Tourism Chapter 4 Key Terms - -This is our first...

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Travel and Tourism Chapter 4 Key Terms - The Resort were staying at gave us 2 tickets to the opera to use during our stay - We have been driving along time there must be a Motel off the highway somewhere we can stay at for the night. - The Hotel offered us a concierge for during our honeymoon at the Bahamas, so excited. - Our company is sending 20 employees to Florida for business they will be staying at a convention hotel since the banquet room is so big.
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Unformatted text preview: -This is our first time staying at a bed and breakfast in the country and it is so lovely and quiet out here.-The holiday inn offers a lot of Amenities if we stay there for our vacation. -We are going to take a trip to Europe and will be staying at a castle or chateau . -In Texas they have a lot of Dude Ranch’s for guests to stay at when they visit so they get the southern living experience....
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