Travel and Tourism Chapter 7 Key Terms

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Travel and Tourism Chapter 7 Homework Jessica Russotto Due: 4/3/11 1. They have 6 client profiles and they are Ship Buffs, Luxury Seekers, Explorers, Consummate Shoppers, Boomers, and Potential Cruisers. The one that I would be is an Explorer because I am always interested in seeing more of the world then being pampered. If I go on a vacation I want to see and do everything I can instead of just sit around and relax. 2. Not all cruises are on a traditional cruise ship. The types of cruises that there is are Day Cruises, 3 or 4 day Cruises, Week-Long Cruises, Longer Cruises, Transatlantic Cruises, Repositioning Cruises, River Cruises, Yachts, Freighters, and Ferries. 3. Ten careers related to cruises are: Cabin Steward, Cruise Director, Entertainer, Chef, Mechanic, Captain, Crew, Purser, Deck Steward, and Table Steward. The one that interests me is the Cruise Director because I like planning parties and arranging and hosting. I think that would be a good position for me I never like to just sit still and I
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