Travel and Tourism chp 6 key terms

Travel and Tourism chp 6 key terms - e During spring break...

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Jessica Russotto Travel and Tourism Chapter 6 Homework Due: 3/27/11 1. 2. Specialized Tours- are travel services to a specific traveler. a. b. Private Ireland Tours c. Desert Lion Safari and Specialized Tours d. City Tours e. Starline Bus Tours 3. Ten Key Terms a. There are so many tour BROUCHURES to look at will definitely have to take some home to decide. b. Our TOUR OPERATOR on the bus has the same name as our child, Christine. c. Our INDEPENDENT tour offers us air travel and hotel accommodations. d. I need to make sure everything is PREPAID before the tour since I’m making all the arrangements.
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Unformatted text preview: e. During spring break we are going to take a SOFT ADVENTURE with walking on the beach. f. During the summer we are going to take a HARD ADVENTURE which will include hiking and biking across the mountain. g. We are going to France in a couple weeks and will be taking a FOREIGN INDEPENDENT TOUR. h. Since were taking a tour in California we are taking a DOMESTIC INDEPENDENT TOUR. i. Our family is taking a tour soon there will be about 20 of us so will be taking a GROUP INCLUSIVE TOUR. j. Since I want to have someone else take care of all our tour details I’m going to do a HOSTED tour....
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