Travel and Tourism Chp 8 key terms

Travel and Tourism Chp 8 key terms - different TIME ZONES....

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Jessica Russotto Travel and Tourism Chapter 8 Homework Due: 4/10/11 1. Some of the tasks that need to be done to provide a successful meeting for a client are: a. Assess Demand b. Organize the Meeting c. Manage Finances d. Select the Site e. Arrange the Transportation f. Negotiate Rates g. Plan the Menu h. Design the Program i. Reservations, Deposits and Final Payments j. Operate the Meeting k. Evaluate the Meeting 2. 10 Key Terms a. This summer we will be taking an ADVENTURE TRAVEL camping in Joliet Park. b. We need to renew out PASSPORTS before going to Paris. c. A new thing in the travel industry is ECOTOURISM this is something we need to look into. d. I will have to make sure when we get to Japan to change my watch due to the
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Unformatted text preview: different TIME ZONES. e. We are going to an AFFINITY GROUP trip through are school at starved rock. f. We didn’t sell all the rooms on the cruise I will have to make a BLOCK report on all the unsold rooms. g. The total trip this spring break is COSTING us $3,000 for the whole family. h. In Mexico they have different CURRENCY then we do so we need to make sure we pay for things correctly. i. At CUSTOMS I could not believe how they went through everyone’s luggage like they did. j. We need to make sure that we have all our DOCUMENTATION from the travel company before we leave for our vacation....
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