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TCD Chapter 3 Video Response Travel and Tourism Jessica Russotto Not to have any medal on you or in carry-on luggage. No longer lock bags that go through security. Prescriptions and baby liquid can bring in carry-on just need to let them know. Wednesday 12-1am good time to buy airline tickets that’s when airlines start releasing their tickets., and are good websites to use. good with windows and flexibility. Passports with some countries they can’t expire 6 months after
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Unformatted text preview: your travel time. Make sure you have currency in advance of trip. Check credit card rates with using your card in other countries. Make sure you have the right adapter for the right country for plug in wall sockets. Good things to have with you on a flight is wet one’s, tide to go, vitamin c, airborne, breath mints and chapstick. Should know culture differences before going to country....
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