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Organization Behavior Management 2011 Application 2, Chapter 2 Jessica Russotto 1. What are the facts? a. Betty Mason is on a vacation and left Joe Hanson in charge. b. Saturday is the shop’s biggest day. c. Joe arrived first then Len and Dan d. Len always locks up e. Pat locked the front door on her way out. f. The computer went to the computer shop g. There is only 4 employees h. They work at the Happy Hobby Shoppe in a small suburban town. i. Joe called the Police. 2. What are the assumptions? a. Someone stole the computer b. Patti does no wrong c. Len left early and figured Dan or Pat would lock up d. Patti figured Dan would’ve locked the back door since he left out of it. e. Dan thinks he will get fired. 3. Opinions in Situation? a. Whoever left last should lock up common sense b. That Dan didn’t mess up because he left before Pat c. Patti perfect finally messed up d. Patti thinks Dan should of locked the back door. 4. Everyone blamed the other for not locking up a. Joe figured Len would lock up cause he always does
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Unformatted text preview: b. Len left early and figured Dan or Pat would lock up c. Dan left out the back door and figured Patti would lock up being the last one there. d. Patti only locked the front because she figured Dan locked the back door when he left. 5. They thought the computer was stolen when it wasn’t a. The computer was missing when Joe came in and the back door was unlocked so he figured someone stole it. b. No one else was informed that it was being taken to the computer shop. c. No note about the computer was left d. Since Patti was the last one to leave no one saw her take the computer. 6. Had Patti take the blame a. They all felt since she was the last one to leave she should of locked up. b. Since she took the computer and didn’t inform anyone they thought it was stolen. c. Since she never got in any trouble they wanted her to take the blame....
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