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Organizational Behavior 2011 Chapter 3, Application 3 Jessica Russotto 1. Mariquita reports to Drew, Drew reports to Zach, Zach reports to Basant. 2. That he is curious about her and how many pages she sends her reports in and that he wants the conversation confidential. 3. Mariquita stood in front of his desk. Basant leaned back in his chair and put his feet up on his desk. Marquita standing in front of his desk symbolizing that she wants to pay close attention to what he says. 4. Him leaning back in his chair and putting his feet upon his desk. The end of the passage. 5. That he is relaxed and trying to make her relaxed and not nervous about telling him anything. 6. Basant extending his hand to Zach with his palm facing slightly down. Zach took his hand trying to turn their hands vertical but Basant pressed back not allowing Zach to turn his hand. 7. The message is from Basant to Zach that he was not going to let him push him over that
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Unformatted text preview: he was serious about this. 8. Message channel he wants Zach to start making sure there are more pages to the report and he wants this conveyed to Drew as well. He feels there are 63 pages in the initial report why when it comes to him there is only 1 page. Seems like everything is not included. 9. I don’t think this will give him what he wants because he wants more than one page being given to him. He does want more from Drew and Zach but not from Mariquita. It will give him what he wants from Drew but not from Zach. 10. Because she is upset that they are doubling her work. She feels unappreciated because no one helps her, gives her any feedback, or reads her whole report. 11. Verbal Communication 12. Zach should have told Drew to read the whole reports and include more detail and information. Zach should of took it as he needs to be turning on larger reports with more details not just summaries....
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