Organizational Behavior 2011 Management chapter 1 assignment 1

Organizational Behavior 2011 Management chapter 1 assignment 1

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Organizational Behavior 2011 Management Chapter 1 Assignment 2 Jessica Russotto 1. Absenteeism-people missing scheduled workdays. Turnover-the number of people quitting their jobs in a given period, usually one year. 2. Difference between work and play? Work-has a definite purpose, task viewed as work, external and internal reward. Play-may or may not have a purpose, task viewed as play, internal reward. I think there working, play and work are very different 3. This is work because, I don’t think they would come in every day to play. There is a totally overall different experience between work and play. People need to work to earn money as a means to survive. 4. Yes it is too cold 5. Should be 77F minimum 65F some can tolerate 86F. 72F indoor for physical labor indoors. 6. Task Duration-the length of time needed to complete one task. 7. Short task duration combined with a low number of tasks can have an impact on
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Unformatted text preview: satisfaction and performance. Overall no effect on job satisfaction. 8. As task variety increases interest and motivation increases. A job with few tasks and short duration could be undesirable by employees. I think he is correct. 9. Yes, he is the squealer 10. Confront him on errors, exaggerations and lies but you must have the facts. 11. Yes he is the lone wolf 12. Involve them by asking them for help, try to convince him to change his way of working by himself by explaining to him the way people see him. 13. Yes he is the boaster 14. Is best not to address his claims, work independently and tell your story. 15. To find a match of coworkers and what can be provided to them. If you desire high level of interaction on the job hire people from employ teams extensively. If you desire a lot of social interaction with employees then seek out employees that can do that....
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