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Principles of Management 2210 Assignment 1 Jessica Russotto Supervisors 1. Education – most to least a. Ted-Supervision Certificate +21 Credits b. Ramone-Supervision Certificate c. Sandra-AAS Management +9 Credits d. Umeko-AAS Management e. WiDonna-HS +27 Credits f. Vic-HS 2. Seniority – Highest to lowest a. Vic-21 years b. Ted-19 years c. Sandra-7 years d. Umeko-7 years e. WiDonna-5 years f. Ramone-3 years 3. Supervisory Experience – most to least a. Ted-16 years b. Vic-10 years c. Sandra-4 years d. Umeko-3 years e. WiDonna-2 years f. Ramone-.13 years 4. Supervisor Performance Rating – highest to lowest a. Ted-98 b. Sandra-88 c. WiDonna-87 d. Umeko-74 e. Vic-63 f. Ramone-n/a 5. Budget – closet to budget to most over budget a. Ramone-even b. Sandra-0.38 c. Umeko-0.88 d. WiDonna-1.02 e. Ted-1.7 f. Vic-6.98 6. Salary – highest to lowest a. Ramone-$2,599.50 b. WiDonna-$3,016.00 c. Sandra-$3,266.00 d. Umeko-$3,349.50 e. Vic-$4,417.00
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f. Ted-$4,500.00 Workers 1. Highest to lowest average amount of Training a. Ted-57.5 b. Ramone-37.56 c. Sandra-27.11
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Unformatted text preview: d. WiDonna-26.78 e. Umeko-25.33 f. Vic-6.5 2. Highest to Lowest average Productivity a. Ted-99.75 b. Vic-98.75 c. Ramone-92.89 d. WiDonna-92.56 e. Sandra-91.67 f. Umeko-87.78 3. Lowest to Highest average Defects a. Ted-.828125 b. Ramone-2.39 c. WiDonna-3.02 d. Sandra-3.58 e. Umeko-4.25 f. Vic-4.5 4. Highest to Lowest average amount of On-Time Delivery a. Ted-99.375 b. Vic-95.875 c. Ramone-95. d. WiDonna-91.89 e. Umeko-91.11 f. Sandra-91.00 5. Lowest to highest average overtime a. Ted-4 b. WiDonna-13.33 c. Sandra-22.67 d. Ramone-27.56 e. Umeko-38.89 f. Vic-120.5 6. Lowest to Highest average Absenteeism a. Vic-4.25 b. Ted-6 c. WiDonna-13.00 d. Ramone-20.00 e. Umeko-24.00 f. Sandra-29.00 7. Lowest to Highest average payroll costs (annual + OT) a. Ted-$215,273.12 b. Vic-$232,626.72 c. Sandra-$238,049.10 d. Umeko-$238,454.61 e. WiDonna-$241,343.87 f. Ramone-$248,832.45...
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Principles of Management 2210 assignment 1 - d....

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