Principles of Management 2210 Assignment 5, Section 2

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Principles of Management 2210 Jessica Russotto Assignment 5, Section 2 C. Investigate This should be investigated because I can’t just make an action right away regarding this without investigating first due to he might be over exaggerating. First I think I need to discuss this with Ramone since he is Tim’s supervisor. Also, I think I need to speak with all of the other employees that Ramone supervises to see if they feel the same way. You don’t want to get someone in trouble when you really don’t know the whole situation. Also I would let Tim know that if he has any issues regarding the work place he should really take them up with his
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Unformatted text preview: supervisor Ramone. I’m sure Ramone is just trying to create a friendly environment and not trying to annoy him and probably wants him to feel like Tim can come to him about things. If other employees do feel the same way then I would go over with Ramone a different approach on supervising his employees to see if he gets a different reaction with them. Or maybe have a meeting with Ramone and all his employees he supervisors to see what they would like to improve and for them to hear from Ramone on what he is trying to do....
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