Principles of Management Assignment 17, Chapter 10

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Jessica Russotto Re: Motivations and what workers need 1. Ramone – Retraining : I would tell Ramone since Fernanda is not sure if she can do it since it has been so long that he should retrain her on Charlie’s position. Since he feels she is the only work. 2. WiDonna – Communicate Priorities: Since she said I did not tell her to do that otherwise she would have done it. She would of; I need to communicate better about things that need to be done instead of handing things over and assuming. 3. Umneko – Time and Importance: Explain to her that things that are more important should be worked on as soon as she gets them. Things that are less important but do not take a lot of time. 4. Vic – Feedback : Due to him not having an evaluation in almost 3 ½ years. How is he supposed to know what he is doing wrong or how his quality of work is if he is not getting any feedback? I will have to evaluate him and give him feedback on what he should work on to improve the quality of his work. 5.
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