Hidden Dangers of Wood Pallets Food Sanitation Class

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Jessica Russotto Hidden Dangers of Wood Pallets A lot of people are not aware that wood and plastic pallets play a big role in the food industry. They carry the product from the farm to the plant and from the plant to the store. 2 Billion pallets are used a year to transport our food and medication. The National Consumer League tested pallets that have been used or were behind grocery stores. They were tested for bacteria, e-coli, and listeria. Out of all the wood pallets they tested 33% were unsanitary, 10% had e-coli, and 2.9% with listeria. Out of all the plastic pallets they tested 20% were unsanitary and 1.4% had e-coli. Some companies that had to recall their products due to the bacteria on the pallets were Coca-Cola recalling 14 million cases in Europe in 1999.
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Unformatted text preview: Also Tylenol had to be recalled due to wood pallets. The National Wood and Plastic Agency say there pallets are safe. But the National Consumer league proved that there not. We are still waiting for the FDA to decide on the pallets. Why are pallets so important to the food industry? Because there a crucial part of the industry. We carry all our food and medical products on them. There a big part in transporting. Why is it related to this class? because it makes us aware of another side of the industry. Another thing we need to learn about and have knowledge on regarding sanitation. Not only do we need to learn how to handle food in a sanitized way but also how to handle the things our food comes in and is being transported on....
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