safety flaws with airline food sanitation class

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Jessica Russotto Sanitation Class Thursday Night Safety Flaws with Airline Food The Food and Drug Administration has cited many catering facilities that prepare airline food. For numerous suspected health and sanitation violations. Two of the largest airline Caterers LSG Sky Chefs and Gate Gourmet and another large caterer Flying Food Group were the companies that had these violations. The FDA violated them with storing food at improper temperatures, using unclean equipment, and employing staff with poor hygiene. Also at some of catering airline companies were cockroaches, flies, mice and other pest control. These three catering companies run 91 Kitchens that serve more than 100 million meals annually to U.S. and foreign airlines and airports.
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Unformatted text preview: Some of the big airlines that they provide for are Delta, American, United, US Airways, and Continental. How this relates to the class is this is another aspect of the food sanitation business and learning where your food comes from no matter where you are at. The airline companies and catering companies say they have clean work areas and inspect all their food but the FDA is saying otherwise. This is another example on why I think the FDA should have a little bit more control and say with corporate companies that are producing large amounts of food. Because in the end the only person that is going to be hurt by this is the consumer and I think there should be more we can do to stop this from continuing....
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