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Supervision-Management 1100 Assignment 2, Chapter 1 Jessica Russotto Due: January 20 th , 2011 Helen is 17 minutes late for work. What do you do? You get out your Human Resource Manual and go about what it says in the rules and regulations on what should be done. It depends on if it is her first time, second or third time being late. May lead to a disciplinary action or can lead up to termination of employment. If it is her first then I think you should be understanding and let them know the next time they are going to be late that you will have to dock them for it. I would also ask since they are 17 minutes late that they stay 17 minutes after the time they are supposed to get off. If it is her second time I would be understanding but let them know that this is her second time and you are going to have to dock
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Unformatted text preview: her for being late. If it is the third time I would let her know that she is being written up and being late can no longer continue. Because If she continues being late it could jeopardize her job. You should definitely be understanding in every situation but always be firm enough where the employee takes you seriously. Also I think every time an employee is late is should be kept track of and the head of management should know. If the employee continues being late more than several times I think then when they come in late you tell them to go home and will be called regarding this situation. There should be different circumstances or consequences regarding if it is their first time or fifth time and the employee should know them when they start their job....
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